How It Works

Our team of professionals works closely with some of the most renowned travel and concierge agencies in Greece to ensure that your dental holidays turn out exactly how you envision, surrounded by specialists you can trust. We customize your stay according to your holiday preferences and dental needs, offering 24-hour support throughout the experience.

Fill your details in the “contact form”, choose from a wide range of services and holiday preferences, and allow us to create an offer catering directly to your needs.

After your first contact with the company via the online form or by telephone, and provided you want to receive dental services in Greece, you will be asked to send a panoramic radiography electronically to evaluate your case.

If it is discussed and agreed that the dental work will take place in Greece, at the time you wish, you will receive the full timetable and dental program for your case.
for your case. During dental procedures at our clinics we ensure that your stay is very pleasant and you feel at home here.

We have chosen the accommodation to be close to the clinics, which are equipped with all the necessary facilities. If the dental expense exceeds 7,000 euros, we offer half the days of your stay at the hotel free of charge.

Then follow the steps below.