Our clinics provide a wide range of services from a team of high skilled dental specialists, who have been internationally trained and with many years experience in their respective fields.

Dentist Consultation
Composite Fillings
Teeth Cleaning(Ultrasonic,air-powder,polishing)
Root Canal Therapy (Incisor)
Root Canal Therapy (Premolar)
Root Canal Therapy (Molar)
Teeth Whitening
Treatment of Gingivitis
Treatment of Periodontitis (non surgical per quadrant
Treatment of Periodontitis (surgical per quadrant)
Extraction Surgical
Extraction Surgical of impacted wisdom tooth
Removable Full Denture
Removable Partial Denture
Metal-ceramic Crown
Full ceramic (e-max) Crown
Zirconia-Ceramic Crown
Bridge metal-ceramic (per tooth)
Inlay-Onlay (e-max)
Inlay-Onlay (Composite)
Veneers (ceramic)
Veneers (composite)
Implants (Surgical+Abutment+Crown)
Bone Graft + Membrane (per site)
Sinus Augmentation